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. d.c. councilmember tommy wells is running to be the city's next mayor. he made the announcement yesterday at a rally in northeast. he joins muriel bowser. he says his top priorities are improving access to schools in all wards and creating a better metro system for residents. >> and dozens of people are recovering this morning after an elderly driver crashed into a crowd of people at a parade in damascus virginia near the tennessee state line. the driver suddenly accelerated and pinned people under the car after barrelling through the crowds. the driver may have suffered a medical emergency. >> and turning to your weather now, a little bit of foggy skies out there this morning. >> yeah. >> and perhaps some wet weather in the forecast for the future. >> definitely. we do have it in the forecast in the future. we need the rain. we're below where we should be for the year so for. let's welcome it as we see nice green lawns out there and plenty of flowers to help with it. let's get right to our weather and tell you what's going on. there is a shot outside from one of our cameras. yo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1